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About Me

A photo of Sally Shaw The Work Life Balance Coach

I'm Sally Shaw, The Work life Balance Coach.  I have been working as a certified coach since 2020. Before that, I had a career in Banking, working for a number of banks including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase and Barclays, so I understand the challenges of working in a fast paced, global corporate environment. I started out my coaching journey working as a general executive coach, but I found more and more of my clients were coming to me as they were feeling overwhelmed and they were struggling to do all the things that they felt they needed to be doing, particularly after having children. After taking on a short term assignment in another global American Bank, a number of my colleagues who were routinely working until 11pm each night, asked me to help them overcome their habit of overworking. This led me to focus my coaching on this area and the Work life Balance Coach was born. 

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